Jags_calfHi my name is Juliana Castaneda and I founded Paramatma Animal Sanctuary in Guasca-Cundinamarca, Colombia, where animals get the love and respect they deserve. We are the only vegan sanctuary in all of Colombia, and the only shelter in all of South America that protects cows.

We have 21 dogs, 7 cats, 1 rooster, 1 quail, 1 lab rat, 1 horse, 1 cow and 1 ox for a total of 34 animals under our care.

The main goal of our shelter is to teach people to respect all living beings. Paramatma is a Sanskrit word that means, “God within the heart” and it is our belief that all living beings have a soul and that God is in everyone’s heart.

Many animals today do not get the love and respect they deserve.

430719_367918043298435_1387650537_nOur project began in 2009 with a desire is to protect one of the most abused animals in the world: cows. In the United States alone around 35 million cows are killed annually for food, while hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are abandoned by their owners. The animals at our shelter were abandoned or rescued from slaughter houses and test laboratories.

I manage this project with the help of only one other volunteer, Ekala das.

I am the sole money earner and every penny I earn from working in the city goes to help protect and feed these animals. Sometimes we are living off bread and corn just so that these animals get the very best vegan foods we can provide them.

We need your help to continue this project!

While Ekala takes care of all the needs of the sanctuary, feeding the animals, cleaning, fixing broken fences, caring for their health and medicine, etc, I spend all my time earning money to support the shelter. On the weekends, however, I am also helping with the manual labour of caring for these animals. It is incredibly hard work.

In all of 2013, Paramatma received just one $25 donation from inside the country. Fortunately, we also received help from one US charity called A Well Fed World with a small grant of $1000. However, even with this kind donation and all my income going to care for these lovely animals, we still find ourselves falling short — the costs for simple things are very high in Colombia and we are the only ones in the country with a vegan shelter.

Paramatma sanctuary promotes adoption, animal welfare and respect for our animal brothers and sisters. We wish to improve the standard of the farm with the aim of making it self-sustaining. However it is not easy and so I humbly appeal for your help today…

If you love animals; if you believe they are our brothers and sisters; if you believe they deserve love and respect, then please get behind this project and help us!

Your donation, even as little as $30 can maintain one cow for an entire month.

So please sponsor one of our animals today.

Make a difference in the life of someone that really needs it.

Animals depend on us to speak up for them; to show them our love and respect. They are innocent children and they are just as much a member of God’s family as we are.

Any contribution in cash, kind, advocacy or just coming to our farm to volunteer is appreciated.

Thanks for visiting here and we hope to see you soon.



The care and protection of these animals depends on you.